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DIY Is Not The Best Way To Go When It Comes To Home Exterior Renovations

DIY Exterior Renovation

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home exterior remodeling is trending now more than ever. There are endless articles and how-to guides, from building your deck to repainting your siding. However, it’s almost always best to hire a certified home renovation or siding installation contractor to do the work. When it comes to stucco remediation and exterior remodeling, you want to ensure you make a sound investment. Here’s why you’ll thank yourself for choosing to work with a whole home renovation contractor in Pennsylvania. 

The Promises of DIY

Although the case can be made for some DIY guides, many exterior renovation DIY tips and tricks are focused on the facade. However, simply upgrading the paint color or filling holes and cracks doesn’t address the core issue of the home. Especially regarding stucco remediation, slapping on a new trim board doesn’t fix the deteriorating wall underneath. 

DIY is often the cheapest option. Why hire out when you can do it yourself? However, one of the most often overlooked issues of DIY renovations is the long-term effects of a job done incorrectly. A DIY stucco repair or siding replacement may look nice initially, but when it’s time to sell the home and reap the rewards of the investment, a home inspection may show deterioration at the core. So any cost savings up front may go into another repair a short time later if the issue was not fixed correctly. 

Why Leave Projects to the Pros?

It can be tempting to do house projects on your own, especially when you’re handy, knowledgeable, and excited to get started. But there are quite a few reasons to hire a home remodeling professional. Safety is a huge concern, first and foremost. It’s always better to let a professional do the work with the tools they are familiar with. They will also have the correct permits and certifications to which you may not have access. And, of course, the longevity of the work that’s been done will exceed most DIY projects. So, let’s leave the exterior remodeling projects to the pros! 

Some exterior projects that are best left to the pros are:

These are all vital for the integrity of your home. And while you may think it’s a quick DIY project to fix or update these, it’s probably best to perform a Google search for an experienced “Exterior Remodeling Contractor Near Me.” Choosing a contractor with high reviews and great testimonials will ensure your project is done correctly. 

DIY Exterior Renovation Projects You Can Try

If you find yourself discouraged while reading this, keep in mind that there are many DIY projects you can still do on your own. These projects would be a great way to make the exterior of your home more beautiful

Owning a home is a great accomplishment; we know you take pride in that. So, think twice before breaking out the hammer and the wood planks. There is no need to fix something on your own when there are experienced home renovation contractors ready and available. If you have a project that needs to be done, from James Hardie siding installation to roofing, windows, doors or more, contact us! 

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