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Protect your home’s interior with a weather-tight roof.

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Residential Roofing Contractors in Downingtown, PA

Don’t underestimate the importance of a strong, functional roof, and remember even if there are no obvious leaks your roof is not necessarily problem-free. The average roof needs to be replaced approximately every 25 years, but you can improve the longevity of your roof by having it regularly inspected and maintained by a roofing company before problems arise. Regardless of how big or small your roofing needs, we are here to help.

Precision Contracting has been a trusted roofing contractor in the Chester County, PA area for over 20 years. We’ve seen it all, which means we can repair it all. 

Which Type of Roofing Is Best for My Pennsylvania Home?

There are many different roofing types available to match your home’s specific needs. If you’d like to see what your home would look like with different styles, we offer a wide variety of shingle color choices. When you contract your roofing project with us, we’ll invite you into our showroom to see our materials and color options. 

Roofing tiles

The most popular type of residential roofing material are asphalt shingles. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, asphalt shingles can enhance the look of your home while providing protection from the elements. PCS roofing company offers asphalt shingles from a variety of manufacturers including CertainTeed, Owens Corning, GAF/ Elk, IKO and Tamko.

Brown roofing tiles

The strength and beauty of cedar make this versatile wood one of nature’s best building materials. Whether in the form of cedar shingles or cedar shakes, cedar roofing has natural toughness for resisting the impact of the elements. Insect damage, UV ray damage, and other sorts of decay are less inclined to take hold with cedar shingles and cedar shakes.

Roofing shed

Metal roofing panels have traditionally been used for mostly commercial, industrial and farm applications. With the technological advances in today’s marketplace metal roofing has become more prevalent. Due to its versatility, these panels are found in many roofing applications from pre-painted vertical panels which come in a wide variety of colors styles, to standing seam, metal tiles, metal shakes, metal shingles and copper roofing.

Old roofing shed

Synthetic roofing tiles are specially-engineered composite roofing shingles that simulates the look and feel of natural slate. These products are lighter, more durable and a fraction of the price of true slates. Advanced materials and engineering provide sustainability such as recycled content, long life cycle, and extreme durability. Synthetic tiles are impact resistant, have UV fade resistant technology and come in a wide variety of colors from standard to pre-blended pallets.

Cemented roof

Durability, versatility, and design are among the many reasons ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is the most popular material for both new and reroof low-slope roofing applications. Flat roofing is constructed with a continuous membrane covering, which better resists pools of standing water.

  • CertainTeed
  • Owens Corning
  • GAF
  • Inspire
  • DaVinci
  • Waldun Cedar Shakes
  • Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau
  • Acrylabs
  • Seal-o-flex
  • Drexmet
  • Firestone
  • Sheffield Metals

The Best Residential Roofing Contractors Near Me

Shingle Applicators. We have also been designated as a Shingle Master Company by CertainTeed roofing! Whether you want the pop of a brand new looking roof, a roof that fits the style of your historic neighborhood, or you want to change the entire look of your home we can help! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

Master Shingle Applicator
Shingle quality specialist CertainTeed Shingle Technology The difference is knowledge

Our Residential Roofing Process

At Precision Contracting Services, our team will guide you through the roofing process, including what type of roofing is best for your home, what materials you want to use, and designing the look and feel of your home’s new exterior. Oftentimes, a roofing project is a great opportunity to revamp your home’s exterior. 

Step 1
Free Consultation

You’ll meet with a building expert who will discuss
your needs, review your home, and put together an
itemized proposal for the entire project.

Step 2
Design & Blueprints

We’ll invite you to our showroom to go over the final selection of materials and components for your home’s renovation.

Step 3
Permits & Paperwork

Our team will manage all of the paperwork and permits for your home renovation project.

Step 4

We’ll dive head-on into your project and ensure the finest execution, down to the last nail.

Step 5
Quality Assurance

We’ll assess every aspect of the final project to
ensure it’s 100% weatherproof and up to our specifications.

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Our Goals for Your Residential Roofing Project

Leaky roofs can cause water damage to the entire home, which can affect your comfort and health. Your home is a safe haven. It’s there to protect you from the elements. We’re here to ensure that happens.

We are building scientists. Before starting a project, we determine the exact material needs, from nails to shingles. No more, no less.

When you work with us on your residential roofing project, you can trust that we’ll deliver the finest execution from the very first nail to the last.

We only hire builders who have been in the industry for a long time. No sub-contractors. No bait-and-switch. When you work with us, you work with the best roofers in Downingtown, PA.

Ultimately, this roofing project is yours. We invite you alongside us every step of the way. From your initial design studio visit to the final nail, we’ll educate you on what we’re doing and keep you involved the whole time.

Contracting agent working with cables

FAQ About Roofing Services

When hiring Precision Contracting Services, LLC for your residential roofing needs you can expect the following:

  • Quality workmanship and customer service in the Philadelphia tri state area.
  • Free and accurate estimates based on a careful analysis of the homeowner’s need.
  • Education to the customer on the application and materials being installed.
  • Contracted start and finish date.
  • Over twenty five years of experience working with the exterior building envelope.
  • Expert advice regarding roofing, siding, window replacement, trim and molding and bathroom remodeling services.
  • Energy saving information as it pertains to roofing, siding and window products.
  • Manufacturers and workmanship guarantees.
  • Competitive pricing
  • OSHA safe
  • Full compliance with requirements set by the EPA Renovation, Repair & Painting (RRP) Lead Law.

Precision Contracting Services, LLC offers both a manufactures and workmanship guarantee. Our specialty installers are not only experts in installing the type of product we are contracted to provide, we will return promptly and troubleshoot any problems related to product installation. We also facilitate replacement or repairs of products we supplied that are covered by manufacturer warranties.

Yes, Precision Contracting Services, LLC is happy to provide references upon request. Since every job is unique and quite different from the next, our sales team will customize a list best suited for your needs and location. We take great pride in our customer satisfaction rating and use Guild Quality to help us survey each customer to ensure we meet their expectations as well as provide feedback to better our service. Your home is your most important investment and a quality contractor will always be able to support claims with references from satisfied customers.

See Our Recent Roofing Projects

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A Word From Our Happy Homeowners


The workmanship was outstanding, the workers "were very personable and knowledgeable and worked to get me the exact product that I wanted. Everything was done on time and cleaned up neatly, they were really just a wonderful provider."
—Thomas M.


“Our contract included stucco remediation, reframing parts of the roof for better rainwater management, all new windows, installation of Hardie Plank siding, several architectural details (like roof gable extensions, traditional window and dormer trim, etc.), new soffits/eaves/gutters, and new stucco on our chimney and entry (we decided we'd leave a tiny bit of stucco after feeling comfortable about how it would be installed)...Everyone has a high personal standard for their work and it absolutely shows. Have no doubt whatsoever about recommending them to anyone.”
—Nick C.


“Terrific team of professional contractors. They were clean around our house and safe as well. Our néw roof looks great.”
—Marc S.

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