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Step up your curb appeal with the most luxurious and durable fiber cement siding in the world.

James Hardie Certified Installers in Downingtown, PA

The exterior cladding of your home plays a critical role in its overall value. It serves as a protective barrier against weather elements, provides insulation, and significantly impacts the visual appeal of your property. When it comes time to replace your home’s exterior, you’ll find that James Hardie fiber cement siding is the best option in our area.

With over 20 years of experience as a trusted James Hardie siding installer in the Chester County, PA area, we’ve  installed this durable and luxurious siding on numerous homes in the region. Our expertise in fiber cement siding installation ensures that you receive the highest-quality service and long-lasting results.

Why James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding?

This is one of the biggest advantages to James Hardie siding, as it maximizes the lifespan of the siding, reduces the need for maintenance, and therefore increases the overall ROI. Fiber-cement is a strong, thick material that holds up against windstorms, rain and hail, and other forms of weather. It resists insect damage, such as damage from termites, and will never suffer from rot. It’s even resistant to fire, thanks to its partial sand composition, and won’t warp, flake, or peel in response to most external stimuli.
If left alone in reasonable conditions, fiber-cement siding has an unusually long lifespan. In fact, most varieties carry warranties of 50 years or more. Combined with the siding’s natural resistance to external damage, this is icing on the cake.
Some forms of siding require regular upkeep and maintenance to remain in prime condition. For example, vinyl may crack or peel, requiring periodic checks and spot-replacement, and several types of siding require regular painting to keep them looking their best. For the most part, James Hardie siding doesn’t require any maintenance – though it may need to be painted eventually (more on this later)
Fiber-cement siding carries a high ROI because it objectively increases the value of your home. If you install this siding, then sell your home immediately, you’ll probably make back most of the money that you spent on the installation. If you know that you’re going to sell your home sometime in the next 50 years, you can consider this siding as an investment.

Though a minor consideration, it’s worth noting that fiber-cement siding is, overall, better for the environment than vinyl siding. If vinyl siding catches flame, it releases toxic chemicals into the air, and it’s generally less biodegradable than its fiber-cement siding counterpart.

Unmatched James Hardie Siding Durability

We believe that once you compare the value and benefits of James Hardie siding products with other siding options, you’ll agree that it can’t be beat.

Hardie siding versus cedar and vinyl siding

From the first year James Hardie siding is installed on your home, to many years later, the beauty of James Hardie siding is unrivaled. Because it’s created to stand up to the demands of nature, James Hardie siding stays beautiful longer, reducing the time and cost of maintenance. Other siding materials can resist expansion and contraction, retaining finish adhesion over time. And with ColorPlus Technology, a baked-on color option, you get vibrant color and a long-lasting, beautiful exterior.

Moisture benefits compared with OSB and Vinyl

James Hardie siding is manufactured to resist damage from water including issues like mold, swelling, and cracking, reducing the need for costly upkeep or repair. On the other hand, other siding options can be susceptible to swelling and expansion caused by water absorption.

Pest benefits compared to cedar and vinyl siding

The animals that make nature wonderful can be a torment in homes. Some types of siding fall prey to pests and animals, such as cedar siding. Because it’s wood, it can be pecked by birds and devoured by insects. But James Hardie fiber cement siding offers little appeal to critters and won’t be eaten by termites, providing unmatched peace of mind and protection.

OSB, Vinyl, and Hardie materials compared after a fire

James Hardie fiber cement siding is fire-resistant, which is why it’s endorsed by firefighters nationwide. OSB siding will eventually turn to ash when met with a flame. Vinyl siding actually melts from the sun reflecting off of new, Low-E windows. Not surprisingly, it also melts when near fire. By choosing James Hardie siding, you’ll be confident that you’re protecting your biggest asset.

Before and after images of Hardie, OSB and Vinyl compared

James Hardie siding products are Engineered for Climate®, which means they’re uniquely made for our mid-Atlantic climate. The HZ5 product line is right at home in climates with freezing temperatures, extreme seasonal temperature variations, and snow and ice. To ensure that its beauty matches its durability, Hardie engineered the surface for higher performance, giving it superior paint adhesion and moisture resistance. So you aren’t getting an exterior that performs well in cold, nasty climates, you’re getting an exterior engineered just for it.

The Best James Hardie Certified Installers Near Me

Precision Contracting Services is recognized as the best James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor in the Downingtown, PA area. Our exceptional workmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction have earned us the distinction of being an Elite Preferred installer by James Hardie. We have the experience and expertise to handle any project, big or small, and to deliver results that exceed expectations. Whether you’re looking for siding, trim, or any other exterior home renovation, you can trust us to provide top-notch service and superior craftsmanship. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

James Hardie Products

You’ll be impressed with the complete array of home siding options that James Hardie provides. Siding, trim, shutters, fascia, and more are all made of fiber cement so they are not only beautiful, they also are extremely durable. James Hardie siding products are designed to meet your exterior remodeling project’s needs, and each product will match your individual style—color and all.

HardiePlank is a lap siding product that is one of the most popular choices in siding and earned the Good Housekeeping Seal in 2013. HardiePlank lap siding comes in a variety of looks and textures, all of which are engineered for climate. HardiePlank lap siding comes with a 30-year non prorated, transferable, limited warranty.

HardiePanel is considered vertical siding for your home and is a traditional board design. If you like the board-and-batten appearance, consider using HardiePanel vertical siding with HardieTrim boards. HardiePanel also carries the 30 year non prorated, transferable, limited warranty.

HardieShingle is siding for your home that looks like cedar shingles. The siding is durable and can withstand the tests of time. Choose from a variety of decorative edges and sizes to add the final touch for your home. HardieShingle siding is also protected by a 30-year non prorated, transferable, limited warranty.
HardieTrim board are wonderful fiber-cement boards and fascia that add a long-lasting finish to your home. The finish is perfect for all types of weather. HardieTrim boards come with a 15-year transferable, limited warranty.
Artisan siding is a beautiful James Hardie siding that joins together the Artisan lap siding and Artisan accent trim. The siding provides you with a durable siding that can withstand climate changes like a professional. Artisan Accent Trim and Artisan Lap Corner Detail Options serve as the perfect complements by delivering superb finish to every luxury home.

Explore additional information about fiber cement siding products (like color options and lifetime value) through the portal below:

Not sure which you’d like? Stop by our design studio, where you can see all of the James Hardie products options. And, when you work with Precision Contracting Services, we create blueprints of your selected products and colors so that you can truly envision your home as it will be when the project’s complete. 

Our James Hardie Siding Installation Process

At Precision Contracting Services, our team will guide you through the entire James Hardie installation process. We’ll invite you into our design studio to show you some blueprints of what your home could look like. We’ll help you decide the best colors, patterns, and trim elements to ensure your home is the most luxurious on the block.

Step 1
Free Consultation

You’ll meet with a building expert who will discuss
your needs, review your home, and put together an
itemized proposal for the entire project.

Step 2
Design & Blueprints

We’ll invite you to our showroom to go over the final selection of materials and components for your home’s renovation.

Step 3
Permits & Paperwork

Our team will manage all of the paperwork and permits for your home renovation project.

Step 4

We’ll dive head-on into your project and ensure the finest execution, down to the last nail.

Step 5
Quality Assurance

We’ll assess every aspect of the final project to
ensure it’s 100% weatherproof and up to our specifications.

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Our Goals for Your James Hardie Siding Installation Project

Your home is a safe haven. It’s there to protect you from the elements. We’re here to ensure that happens. We pride ourselves on having 100% weatherproof exteriors.

We are building scientists. Before starting a project, we determine the exact material needs. No more, no less.

When you work with us on your James Hardie siding installation project, you can trust that we’ll deliver the finest execution from the very first nail to the last.

We only hire builders who have been in the industry for a long time. No sub-contractors. No bait-and-switch. When you work with us, you work with the best certified James Hardie installers in Downingtown, PA.

Ultimately, this James Hardie siding installation project is yours. We invite you alongside us every step of the way. From your initial showroom visit to the final nail, we’ll educate you on what we’re doing and keep you involved the whole time.

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FAQ About James Hardie Siding Installation in Downingtown, PA

James Hardie Siding is an exterior cladding made of fiber cement that is designed to enhance the look and durability of homes. It is engineered to resist damage from moisture, fire, and pests, making it suitable for homes in various climates and regions. The advantages of using James Hardie Siding include its durable and resistant fiber cement construction, its ability to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or warping, and its wide range of color and texture options.

• The cost of the product. The composite material of fiber-cement is the reason why James Hardie siding is more expensive than other materials. By comparison, vinyl is relatively easy to produce. The special blend of different materials requires precision and an extended process to create, so you have a higher cost basis, which unfortunately must be passed on to the consumer for the contractor to avoid taking a loss.

• The cost of labor. In addition to the cost of the process, you’ll be paying for the labor of installing the product. Overall, fiber-cement siding isn’t challenging to install, but it does require a bit of extra labor. For starters, the product is heavy and requires some additional staff to carry and to manipulate the material. It must also be cut precisely before it’s loaded into place; this process requires delicate safety procedures to avoid excessive dust dispersal or breakage.

• The aesthetics. This is a subjective quality and one that appears on both our “pros” and “cons” lists. Many people strongly prefer the modern, strong aesthetics of fiber-cement siding, but there are those who would consider this a disadvantage. Only you can decide which design elements and visuals that you’d like to accompany your house, so this is up to your judgment.

• The possibility of repainting. Though fiber-cement siding doesn’t require much in the way of ongoing maintenance or painting, it may need to be repainted eventually. After many years of exposure to the sun, wind, and other elements, a fresh coat of paint may be required to maintain its original luster.

The cost of James Hardie Siding can vary based on factors such as the size of the home, the type of siding, and the location. On average, Pennsylvania homeowners can expect to pay between $5 and $14 per square foot for both materials and installation. Although it may be more expensive upfront, James Hardie Siding’s durability and resistance to damage can save Pennsylvania homeowners money in the long run.

While James Hardie Siding is designed to be low-maintenance, it still requires regular inspections and cleaning as needed. It can be cleaned using a mild soap and water solution and can be painted to change its color if desired.

James Hardie offers a 30-year limited warranty on its siding products, covering material defects and paint finish. The warranty applies to siding products that have been installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and are used for normal residential purposes.

Don’t see your question on the list? 

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A Word From Our Happy Homeowners


"We had such a great experience and are so happy with our beautiful new siding! Everyone was prompt, professional and friendly. Precision provided high quality workmanship with attention to detail and wonderful customer service. Highly recommend!!"
—Linda B.


“Precision delivered! We could not be more pleased with the stucco remediation/siding installation project done by the Precision team. From start to finish Precision exceeded our expectations in every way. Beginning with our initial meeting, we knew Precision was the right choice for our project. The Precision team walked us through every detail of the project to ensure alignment on our vision. Once the vision was established, they brought it to life delivering a home that was well beyond what we dreamed. Thank you Precision!!!”
—Brian S.


“This past summer, PCS completed an outstanding redo of the outside shell of my home, making it beautiful & safe! It was only later, with the cold Jan 2019, that I could feel how much more comfortable my home is (with lower heating costs). We chose PCS because they share our vision of a beautiful, safe and practicable home! Thanks!

—Charles C.

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