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James Hardie Siding Can Add Immediate Curb Appeal to Any Home Exterior


Curb appeal is the term that real estate agents and designers use to describe the first impression of any home exterior. It encompasses the yard, front porch, home siding, front door, and pretty much anything that’s outside your home.

Curb appeal plays a big factor in attracting homebuyers, raising the prestige of a home, and making your neighborhood look great. No one wants to own the home with cracked siding and poor landscaping.

Perhaps the most important part of your home’s curb appeal, however, is the exterior itself. James Hardie Siding is the perfect solution for any home exterior that desperately needs an update.

Why Curb Appeal Is So Important

Any realtor will tell you about the importance of curb appeal in selling a home. That’s because first impressions matter. “A first impression can create a lasting impression,” says realtor Ashley Slaughter on RealtyTimes. “The majority of buyers decide within the first 60 seconds if they have interest in your home. The first impression they have is of the yard, entrance area, and backyard of your property.”

There’s often a lot of focus on the interior, which is very important, but forgetting about the exterior could mean the difference between moving a property and getting stuck with an expensive asset that won’t sell.

One of the most important things here is recognizing the impact of the internet on selling a home. “Today, curb appeal still matters — but it matters differently,” says an article from Zillow. “Almost every buyer forms their first impression from a home’s online photos. Instead of driving to your home, buyers will scroll through pictures of both the outside and the inside, before ever stepping foot inside. What’s more, they may never come to see it if they don’t like what they see online.”

This validates the importance of having every exterior detail perfect. Hundreds and even thousands of viewers will see your home’s listing photos online, so it’s vital that your curb appeal delivers a great view.

Curb appeal is also very important for raising property values. The amount you can increase your asking price depends on the amount of work you do. With some simple improvements, you can expect to raise your property value $10 to $20k! Some of the best suggestions for improving curb appeal include:

Increase Curb Appeal with James Hardie Siding

Perhaps the most important step you can take when it comes to curb appeal is to install James Hardie siding. Out of all the siding options available, Hardie’s fiber cement siding is one of the best options for a high return on investment.

It’s important to note that any update you do on your home will have a high initial cost. It’s rare that you’ll get more out of the update than you invested when selling. What you want to look for is the highest return on your investment. With Hardie siding, you can expect an 87 percent return on investment, which is one of the highest ROIs in exterior updates.

In fact, James Hardie siding has one of the highest ROIs of any home renovation. It nets a 25 percent higher ROI than what you would receive from a bathroom renovation, an 11 percent greater return than vinyl window replacements, and a 24 percent greater return than a kitchen remodel or roof replacement.

As a result, Hardie siding, which is made to look just like wood on the outside, has been voted the number one siding brand in America, year after year.

Pros of James Hardie Siding Compared to Others

There are incomparable benefits unique to James Hardie siding. We’ve already discussed the return on investment of installing Hardie siding as well as the impact it has on curb appeal. Here are some other features that are incredibly beneficial for Hardie siding that can add infinite worth to your home’s exterior.

Ask Precision Contracting Services to Install James Hardie Siding Today!

At Precision Contracting Services, we’re a certified partner with James Hardie. Their fiber-cement siding is the leading product in the industry that continues to satisfy customers. They have products that suit all tastes aesthetically and provide incredible value for the money. For more information about the Hardie products we carry and our installation procedures, contact us today!

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