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3 Home Improvement Projects To Drastically Improve Energy Efficiency

3-Home-Improvement-Projects-To-Drastically-Improve-Energy-Efficiency-01Contrary to popular belief, having an energy efficient home does not automatically mean a huge upfront investment – you can improve the way that your house uses energy in a cost efficient way. Here are three home improvement projects that you can start today that will drastically improve your energy efficiency.

Siding Replacement

The siding on your home can exponentially increase your R value, but even so called “low value” R sources can be a cost effective solution for additional energy efficiency. For instance, fiber cement siding as installed by Precision Contracting Services has a relatively low R value at around 0.37. However, it is quite effective when combined with foam insulation, and it is much less expensive than hardieplank siding, which is in turn more expensive than vinyl. Fiber cement trim can also be used with HardiePlank siding for a great look and energy efficient outcome.

Insulated steel, vinyl and aluminum can have a, R value of 3 or 4, a substantial improvement over any type of naked siding replacement. Consider this relatively new technology for your own home if you are looking to lower your power bills in the coming months.

New Window Installation

A set of new windows can add a great look to your home and increase your energy efficiency at the same time. The newest style of replacement windows now offer UV protection along with the improvements in insulation to better protect your home.

Choose from reinforced windows or single frame depending on the thickness of your walls and the level of inclement weather that you face on a daily basis. You can also match the look of the siding on your windows to your decor, improving the value of your home from a cosmetic standpoint along with the improved cost efficiency.

New Door Installation

One of the most common ways that energy is wasted in the home is through warped doors. If the frame of your home is wood or any material that tends to expand and contract with the weather, then you may end up with small pockets of separation that reduce the effectiveness of your insulation. Consider having your doors replaced if an internal energy audit finds that the insulation around your current doors have leaks.

Exterior doors are a great way to create increased insulation without having to pay the full cost of replacing a door. Exterior doors also keep you from having to change the look of your home if you like your current door and you cannot find an appropriate match as a replacement. The exterior door serves as an added layer of insulation outside of your normal door. It can also add a bit of security if this is a concern of yours.

Whether you choose to upgrade your siding, your doors or your windows, make sure that you always have a reputable company install and check the work. No matter how good your materials may be, if the installation is not properly conducted, you will just end up back at square one!

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